How much do domestic wind turbines cost?

Domestic Wind Turbine

If you live in a particularly windy, and rural part of the country, you may be considering the prospect of powering your home with a wind turbine.

This might be the case if you live in the northern-most part of the UK, and don’t foresee you benefiting from solar panels as much as you would a wind-powered source of energy.

You will have already surmised that domestic turbines are not quite the same as the industrial types that can be seen among fields and farms, but they do, however, have some individual differences, depending on your surroundings.  

Pole and building-mounted turbines

There are two main different types of domestic wind turbines available. The first are free-standing turbines (pole-mounted) and ones that have to be secured to a building (roof-mounted). Free-standing versions are far more expensive.

In fact, they can range anywhere between £20-30,000. You will, however, generate a whopping 6kW from a turbine this big. If you are concerned about how much you will earn off a turbine, then you can install a wind gauge, known as an anemometer.

Building or roof-mounted alternatives will generate slightly less energy at 1kW (around half of how much a house requires), but they will cost you a fraction of the price at £3,000. 

The specifics: roof-mounted

Ideally, with any wind turbine, even a small roof-mounted one, will need regular, high-wind speeds. If you would describe yourself as living in a relatively balmy area, you may not get the full 1kW potential.

A roof-mounted turbine is, however, ideal for someone who wants to use more sustainable methods of supplying energy to there home and to eventually take the edge off their bill costs.

While it won’t cover the entire costs of your bills, it will eventually cover the original cost of the turbine over the number of years. 

The specifics: pole-mounted 

For those who have a generous amount of space to work with, a pole-mounted turbine could earn you a serious amount of savings.

These are certainly more expensive, but they would see your potentially earning around 36,000 kW over the space of a year. One detail that is worth noting is that larger wind turbines do require some maintenance costs.

A turbine of this size will last you up to 25 years, but you may need to replace the occasional part over time.

Buying a domestic wind turbine of this size is a real investment, so using a wind gauge to see if you will generate enough energy could be advised. 

When it comes to domestic wind turbine costs, the price can vary considerably depending on the size and the amount of energy generated.

If you just want to reduce your energy bills, and you have the funds for a smaller investment, then a building-mounted turbine could be ideal.

However, if you have a large amount of land around your premises, and you are in a place to make a large investment, then a pole-mounted turbine could cover a considerable amount of your energy bills. Get a quote for this today.