Our Mission

Our Renewable Energy Mission

The goal of our renewable energy mission is to deliver renewable energy to people across the UK who are looking to cut their energy bills. By making the generation of energy possible for homeowners and for it to be at an affordable rate also means that we work on your behalf to secure excellent prices on these products.

What Do We Offer?

Air Source Heat Pumps

Air Source Heat Pumps are becoming a lot more popular in the UK due to the government back Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) making it more beneficial for people who are looking to save a huge amount on their energy bills whilst also receiving income from the RHI scheme.

Whirlwind Heat Pump

Solar (PV) Panels

Solar Panels have been installed on around 1 million homes across the UK and that number is growing all the time. People are fed up with energy bills increasing and are combating this by installing the latest solar panels. Due to the new grid trade incentives, people can earn and save up to £38,000 by installing solar panels on their property.

Although the Feed-in Tariff is no longer active, the incentives are still just as good today – if not better in some aspects.

Our renewable energy mission is what drives our passion behind providing top quality solar panels!

Solar Panels help towards our renewable energy mission

We can help you find the absolute best deal on your renewable energy today!

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